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It writhes and contorts,
It binds and suffocates,
It weighs down and blocks,
It takes so many, yet so many break free.
They escape the inescapable,
They prevail through the pain,
They smile and sing as if nothing's wrong,
They never lose sight of the gain.
I cannot face the fight,
I always run away, filled with fright.
I am overwhelmed with unbearable gloom,
I go insane, sure to meet my inevitable doom.
:iconsecretgermanylover:SecretGermanyLover 0 0
I want to wish you a good day
I drown in this ocean of pain, unsure if I’ll ever find my way again.
The shouts of delinquents fills my ears as I slave to the point of tears.
Who is the real me? How should I know? Is it that odd I don’t wear a dress and a bow?
Do my thoughts bother you that much? That your eyes water and you look for another’s touch?
All I’m doing is speaking my mind, is that so wrong? So unkind?
Sure I’m a bit odd, a little out of whack, but that doesn't mean I don’t hear you talk behind my back.
I see you turn and snicker when I walk by, but to me you’re as useless as a fly.
You buzz and linger with your clique, but your perfume just makes me sick.
My mind is busy with thoughts a plenty, yet yours seems rather dull and empty.
Topics like celebrities, clothes, sports, and such, spew from your mouths at lunch,
While during my time I utilize my mind and solve the problems I think of in kind.
So go ahead and laugh and jeer, I’ll just turn a silent ear.
:iconsecretgermanylover:SecretGermanyLover 2 0
I live in this world all alone,
With no real place to call home.
I see the faces all around me,
And hear enough sounds to fill the sea.
If my mind is a dark place where people should not tread,
Is my life one not to be lead?
Maybe I like to think of people when they’re dead
But it calms the voices in my head.
I test the waters of what is known
And my ideas leave their home.
They’re judged by those around,
And I’m persecuted by the people I wish to put in the ground.
I tread this world, without a home,
Secluded in the dark, I’m all alone.
:iconsecretgermanylover:SecretGermanyLover 2 0
My heart aches when it sees the sights around,
Stupidity, arrogance and hatred,
They all permeate from the human race.
They all stumble and wander, with only
Their selfish needs in mind, unwilling to
Offer a helping hand to those in need.
I watch, and see only monstrosities.
Friend against friend, brother against brother,
The plights of the world are caused by the rats,
The rats in their offices and cozy
Clothes, tailored for men who deserve the praise.
These creatures known as humans are truly
Cruel and unkind, truly beings that don’t deserve their minds.
:iconsecretgermanylover:SecretGermanyLover 0 0
Slightly Realistic Person(That isn't too terrible) by SecretGermanyLover Slightly Realistic Person(That isn't too terrible) :iconsecretgermanylover:SecretGermanyLover 1 3
These Lives
If you like this please leave a comment and let me know what you think!
~These Lives~
These lives of ours may seem so great, so fine,
Yet that couldn't be farther from the truth of mine.
All this pain that cascades down my face,
With no happiness to fill its empty place.
Now so hollow, an empty shell,
With only a cracked smile to hide this infidel.
The only things that bring me delight,
Are the goreous scenes hidden by the black of night.
And when questioned if I'm pure of heart,
I put on a bright smile, and speak quite smart.
For if one were to find my true face,
They would find no happiness, elegance, or grace.
This intricate mask with rosy lips, and gleaming eyes,
Help show truth beneath my wall of lies.
Though these lives of ours may seem so great, so fine,
All I wish to do is abandon mine.
:iconsecretgermanylover:SecretGermanyLover 2 0
OC's child chibi2 by SecretGermanyLover OC's child chibi2 :iconsecretgermanylover:SecretGermanyLover 0 0 OC's child chibi by SecretGermanyLover OC's child chibi :iconsecretgermanylover:SecretGermanyLover 0 2 Beach Babe by SecretGermanyLover Beach Babe :iconsecretgermanylover:SecretGermanyLover 0 2 Mostly Coloured America by SecretGermanyLover Mostly Coloured America :iconsecretgermanylover:SecretGermanyLover 0 0 Partially Coloured Russia Birthday Card by SecretGermanyLover Partially Coloured Russia Birthday Card :iconsecretgermanylover:SecretGermanyLover 2 31 Child!OCxPirate!England by SecretGermanyLover Child!OCxPirate!England :iconsecretgermanylover:SecretGermanyLover 0 0 2P!Chibi!OC by SecretGermanyLover 2P!Chibi!OC :iconsecretgermanylover:SecretGermanyLover 1 0 Chibi!OC by SecretGermanyLover Chibi!OC :iconsecretgermanylover:SecretGermanyLover 0 0
Truth About Lies
It is said that America is the Land of the Free.
That is a lie.
It is said that there is freedom of religion.
That is a lie.
It is said that there is freedom of race and nationality.
That is a lie.
It is said that there is freedom of the press.
That is a lie.
It is said that there is freedom of speech.
That, too, is a lie.
If any of these were true, would it seem so unfaithful and un-“American” to tell the truth about sad happenings to a young girl and her family because all these “American” promises are false? I would not completely know, for I am that young girl. My story is sad. And not many care to listen. But hopefully, by telling my pains and sorrows from the so called “Land of the Free”, will help prevent the same from happening to others. For that fate is filled with sorrow and pain. Yet, the fact a spirit can stay kind and pure in this pit of depression, gloom, sorrow, and hate is astonishing.
:iconsecretgermanylover:SecretGermanyLover 1 0
Melody and Harmony
Melody glides across the glade, his cape billowing in the wind, Harmony trods behind him, trying to return the glove he dropped, He slows to a gentle stroll, acknowledging Harmony in her petite, white dress. She strains to return the once forgotten glove, tipping too far, He kneels and catches her, returning her to her feet, She returns the glove with a shy smile and red face. They walk through the glade, encountering an old oak, They dance around the tree, chasing one another. And while they continue their oblivious dance of friendship, the tree flourishes and grows, sprouting blooms of all colors. The old oak tree that supports us all, in this world, and the couple go from tree to tree, making them bloom, flourish, and thrive.
:iconsecretgermanylover:SecretGermanyLover 3 0


OC High Chapter 2: First Day of School Part 2
  Principal Luna resides in her office waiting for a phone call or anything to consume time. She sighs and starts fiddling with a pencil on her desk. Then the phone rang making Luna jump and she quickly picked it up. "Hello this is Principal Luna of OC High, how may I help you?" She said. "Hello, I heard that your school needed teachers and I could fill in as a history teacher." The voice on the other end responded. "That would be great, I'll be expecting you here before class starts." "Okay, thank you bye." "Goodbye." Luna hangs up the phone and smiles a little bit. "Okay, at least we got another teacher." She muttered.
  Back in the library Indigo spies on more of the girls that came in. One with blue hair and put up to her right side is reading a book the Greek philosopher Virgil wrote. Another girl with beautiful brown hair and luminous blue eyes sits alone and glances around the room.
Another duo of girls also with wolf like features talk about what classes their taking
:iconfluffypuppy19:FluffyPuppy19 2 5
Zeref X Reader :: Friends
You sauntered along Tenrou forest's gravel paths, feeling content and happy. You went to the serene island of Tenrou, home to Fairy Tail's first guild master Mavis, to practice your artistic skills and pay your respects to your idol guild's first master.
You weren't a mage but your ancestors were; or that's what your parents had said. Even if you weren't a mage, you focused your career and life on drawing and painting which was fine by you. Not everyone has to be a mage to be successful, right?
The Tenrou Isle seemed perfect to you with its pleasant climate (even if it could get really hot) and its tranquil greenery, the paintings would be brilliant! 
You sighed, your book-bag's strap rubbing against your exposed (skin color) skin too much for your liking. You wore (your favorite summer outfit), a silver chain with a small green oval jewel around your neck. 
Your parents had given it to you when you were small, promising that it would protect you if they couldn't be there to
:iconxyla-tomatoes-14:Xyla-tomatoes-14 431 139
take us home please? by Saquoia779 take us home please? :iconsaquoia779:Saquoia779 123 87
Brother, Chapter 8 (Sans x Reader)
Waterfall was stunning. You were surrounded by flowing bodies of water and glittering gemstones embedded in every surface. Like the ruins, there was a tranquility here, but the two areas felt leagues apart. The feeling you had walking through the Ruins was akin to the feeling you had sipping hot chocolate from a cozy fireplace. However, the calm you felt here in Waterfall felt almost ethereal. You wondered what kind of person Undyne is if she lived in a place like this…
You stopped and looked down. A small yellow monster approached you and swished his tail eagerly. He gave you a big, toothy grin as you suddenly recalled seeing him running around Snowdin. You smiled gently, relieved that at least some monsters managed to survive.
“Are you sneaking out to see her, too,” The kid asked,
“Undyne? I guess I am.”
The monster kid beamed. “Awesome… She’s so cool right? All the grownups from Snowdin ran away because of that human
:iconarixese:Arixese 107 37
Troublesome (Sans x Child!Reader x Papyrus)
Requested by Thatknuxandsilverfan
(A/N: I hope this is good enough, haha ^_^. Apologies if anyone is OOC, I am not the best of writers.)
        The whole situation was...
        To put it simply, troublesome.
        The little girl had been playing out in the snow for a while, when she came across a bottle. Inside of the bottle was a semi-transparent purple liquid. Her, not knowing what it was, did the only rational thing. She took it home with her.
        When she arrived home, she was immediately greeted with the smell of spaghetti being made. She had lived there long enough to recognize the scent, as it was about one of the only things she ate, unless someone else made something, although that was unlikely.
        She adventured into the kitchen after taking off her (F/C) boots, and shedding herself of her jacket. He
:iconaggressivemoose:aggressivemoose 287 78
In The Snow (Sans x Reader)
Requested by deerspawn 
(A/N: More Christmas themed stuff, and also more Sans ^_^. Apologies if characters are OOC. Advice is welcome.)
(A/N Update: I'm laughing because most of the comments are people saying how they can't get snow.)

        A light breeze swept throughout the area, messing up her (H/C) slightly, and sending some snow in the direction that the wind was travelling. She pulled the scarf she was wearing closer to her face to protect her from the protruding cold of the winter weather. Her jacket was done up fully, and she had chosen to wear the warmest socks she could find. She looked over to the figure beside her through the corner of her eye.
        It has taken a little bit of convincing to get him to come outside with her, as he claimed it was far too much work. However, in the end she had won the battle, and he was currently travelling with her to who knows where. His shoes dragged a
:iconaggressivemoose:aggressivemoose 253 56
My gift (Sans x Reader)
(A/N: A lot of people seemed to like my other Sans fanfic, lmao. This is pretty short, sorry. Mettaton x Papyrus is hinted, just because I didn't want the tall brother to be alone. Christmas themed. I'm aware that Snowdin has the Christmas tree in the middle of the town, but we're going to pretend that's not a thing for convenience of the story.  Apologies if anyone is OOC, I'm not a very experienced writer. Ty deerspawn for giving me a writing prompt.)
        She sat cross-legged before the brightly lit up Christmas tree that decorated her home. She looked over at the other individual that was with her. A skeleton by the name of Sans, who had begun living with her about three years ago. At first, it had been weird when they had met, as she had not seen such a thing beforehand, but she had learned never to judge a book by its cover. It didn't take her long to grow fond of the short skeleton. She had also met his brother, Pa
:iconaggressivemoose:aggressivemoose 345 94
Hot Chocolate Kisses - Makoto x Reader
Bright lights flickered outside of the cafe you and Makoto occupied. The inside was warm, the walls red and a fire burning in a pit against the wall. Firewood snapped and sparks ignited, adding lovely background music to the dull mutter of chatter that floated around the room. You looked at the empty chair across from you, your boyfriend up at the counter. ‘This is the perfect opportunity.’ You thought as you reached down into your bag to pull out his Christmas present. The package was long and flat, wrapped up in shining paper and topped with a bow. You slid it across the table and adjusted it so the box was perfectly in front of his seat.
He returned with two large mugs of hot chocolate, topped with clouds upon clouds of whipped cream and crumbles of peppermint. “Sorry about the wait (y/n).” He said, giving you his warm and loving smile.
“It’s fine, I don’t mind.” You said as you picked up the cup, blowing on it before taking a tentativ
:iconabsinthe-fae:Absinthe-Fae 88 5
Jealous - Tachibana Makoto x Reader
“Makotooooo!” You called.
“(f/nnnnnn)!” Your boyfriend replied, chuckling. You leaned up against him, hooking your arm around his. “Hey, I have to go to see Rin today at Samezuka to talk about some training stuff. Wanna come along?” You nodded, and snuggled close once more.
Arriving at Samezuka, the two of you navigated your way to the pool to find the shark-like boy. Upon seeing him, Rin gestured him over and your boyfriend was consumed in a conversation with him. You stood by the door, waiting for him to finish, when
“Hey! A cute girl!” said a voice.
“What?” you replied.
“Why are you, such a kawaii girl, at our practice?”
“I’m here with Makoto.”
“Ah, nice to meet you, sweetcheeks! I’m Mikoshiba Seijuurou. You can call me Sei-chan.”
“Um, hi. I’m (l/n) (f/n) but I prefer you just call me by my last na—“
“Great! Nice to meet you (f/n)-chan!”
:iconhotstud6969:hotstud6969 743 103
Salty - Tachibana Makoto x Reader
It was a bad day.
You were reflecting on the past long hours. You were at university, at your classes, when your perfect white shoes were stepped on. You spilled coffee on your professor. Then, at your job at the petting zoo, a goat chewed off part of your khakis and pooped on your already-stepped on shoes. And worst of all . . .
Tachibana Makoto slipped through your hands.
A few days ago, he had broken up with you because he “couldn’t hurt you any longer because his feelings were no longer there.” What utter bullshit.
And now you moped. You sobbed, because he was no longer there. No longer there to grasp tightly to your fingers and wipe your tears away. All you had now was some cheap vodka and some scented tissues.
Your nose scrunched. Damn those scented tissues.
You went through your cabinet. Trix (a/n: or any cereal you dislike). His favorite. Your least. Nevertheless, you’d always have a box on hand and you would endure the pain in order to eat with h
:iconhotstud6969:hotstud6969 139 35
Haruka Nanase x Reader- Punishing is Needed
"You've been really bad, you know..."
*Splish splash*
"How should I punish you..?"
*Splish splash*
" dare you..."

"Ne, Haru-chan! You ready for sch-" You froze as you walked into the swimmer's bathroom, only to find him cornering a glass of water against the side of his bathtub. You sweatdropped. Had he really gone nuts?
"...H-Haru? W-what'cha doing..?" You stuttered, trying to process what was going on before you 'interrupted'.
"The water got in my eye, so it needs to be punished." Your boyfriend said with a straight face, so you knew he wasn't joking. Let's face it, whenever it's about water or mackerel, Haru never jokes.
"I-I see... Well then..." You looked around the room awkwardly. He stepped out of the bathtub and proceeded to take your hand before dragging you in the tub with him.
"H-HARU!! We have to go to school! Mako might see us and-" You were interrupted by hearing a voice outside the bathroom. Sadly, it was Makoto, and he was not pr
:iconanimepikachu:animepikachu 201 32
First Kiss - Tachibana Makoto x Reader
How did this happen?
You were perfectly fine just an hour and a half ago, so how?
As you sat in the room of the biggest crush you’d ever had, you racked your brain for possibilities and conversation topics. Your pencil was clutched so tightly in your hand that your fingers had gone white, and your other hand was clenched in a tight fist on your lap. You sat across from Makoto on the small study table in the middle of his bedroom, and every noise was making your heart leap into your throat. The only sound was the clock ticking, and if you listened close enough you could almost hear his breathing and-
You broke out into a cold sweat, feeling the blood pound in your ears. Calm down. You were just working on a history project together that you happened to be paired together for. A normal study session after school with the sunset coming in through the curtains was taking place, and that’s all there was to it.
That’s all it was. That’s all it-
“Hey, (f/n)-chan-
:iconinterconnecteddream:interconnecteddream 502 41
Sleepy Kisses | Makoto x Reader (DRABBLE)
You grumbled as you slowly woke up, opening your eyes to find yourself in a dimly lit room. It only took you a few seconds to remember that you were sleeping in Makoto’s room. Mr. and Mrs. Tachibana had taken both Ran and Ren to Disneyland this weekend so Makoto had taken advantage of this and invited his girlfriend- you- over to stay.
You rubbed your palm against your face in weak attempt to wake yourself up. You hummed as you stretched quietly as to not wake up your sleeping boyfriend. After that, you began to move off the bed without making any noise to go make some coffee- but a grunt was heard from behind you as an arm wrapped around your waist and reeled you back in.
”Where are you going?” Makoto asked sleepily. He tightened his grip around you as you turned around to face him. You smiled and kissed over his closed lids.
”I was going to make us some coffee, since it’s still pretty early…”
”It’s early, so stay in bed with me an
:iconsoobuns:soobuns 634 69
twisted kind of love. | yandere!makoto tachibana
twisted kind of love. | yandere!makoto tachibana х gn!reader
a/n: please note that this is a yandere fic. yhere will be dark themes, and possibly sensitive material. character death. you have been warned.Yandere!Makoto audio is available, I've put links in the description!
When you first met Makoto Tachibana, you knew instantly that you wanted to be with him. He was sweet, loving and friendly, and he was loved by everyone around him. Many people hold feelings for him, including you.
Which was why you were surprised when Makoto responded to your confession.
"I-I like you too, [Name]...For quite a while now." He had said, cheeks red and a bashful smile on his lips. "So I guess this means we're going out, huh?"
And that was the start of a your relationship with Makoto Tachibana. He was the loving and adorkable kind of person, just like you thought he would be. Perhaps it was the idea of being in love or perhaps you were just a naive teenager that caused you to make ha
:iconabsolute-emperor:Absolute-Emperor 665 300
hands [makoto tachibana x reader]
"[Name]-chan, please wake up."
Makoto gently shook your shoulder, but you sleepily swapped his hand away and only turned to face the other direction. He took off his backpack and unzipped it, rummaging inside to find something. He pulled out a plastic-wrapped muffin and put it on your head, chuckling when you swapped it back into his hands.
Suddenly, your eyes shot open and looked at him. "Is that what I think it is?"
He grinned. "What do you think it is?"
"A muffin."
"Bingo," he chuckled and tossed it to you.
"Chocolate chip?" you asked.
"Of course."
You sat up and opened the plastic wrap, taking this huge bite out of the baked heaven. Of course, Makoto was laughing at you. He turned around to leave, not forgetting to remind you to get dressed for school. But, before he even took a step, you groped his butt.
The third-year yelped and turned to face you. "[N-N-Name]-chan!"
You laughed at the look of horror on his face and felt as if your life was finally complete.
"D-Don't do th
:iconokumurachanchan:okumurachanchan 493 55



Hi. It's been a while since I've really done anything on my account. I think I might try to put up some more stuff soon. I've changed a lot over the time that's passed, but hopefully some of you guys like it. I don't really have anything planned, but just know that something might exist sometime in the near future. That's about all for now, so I hope you guys have a great day!~ ^w^
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